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Investment FAQ for Tauranga

What Will My Investment Portfolio Look Like?

When designing a portfolio, we start by getting to know you, your current financial situation and concerns, your risk tolerance and financial objectives. Only when you are ready to proceed on a financial journey together do we begin to look for personalised financial solutions.

As a practitioner of diversified portfolio theory, we spread your portfolio efficiently across the four main asset classes of cash, fixed interest, property, and equities/shares as this is the only proven way to mitigate investment risk.

Deciding an investment mix is so important that as a member of a national adviser collective we review this mix every six weeks against our internal model portfolios to see if the current mix is still the most effective. We use regular external research to aid us in this process.

Who Handles Your Money?

This is an extremely important value add. Over the decades, we have heard horror stories of rogue advisers running away with clients’ money from trust accounts. For this reason, neither IMS nor Selwyn Parker will hold your money. From day one in business, IMS wanted to minimise or eliminate this risk for our clients. For this reason, for the last 18 years, we have used the Aegis independent portfolio administration and custodial service for holding client money. Aegis is a subsidiary of the ASB Bank.

What Do You Charge?

Our advice is fee-based (via advisor salary) rather than commission-focused. This helps align your advisers’ interests with yours and avoid conflicts of interest from commission-focused product selling and the promotion of inhouse products.  Investment portfolio management fees are competitive, and charged based on the value of your portfolio under management. Comprehensive financial planning advice is fee-based and charged as an hourly rate. We will provide you with an estimate of our expected total planning fee prior to our engagement.

The only exception to this is KiwiSaver, where IMS will accept commissions. The commission is paid by the fund provider and not from your contribution. All fees and/or commission will be disclosed in writing prior to doing business with us. Whilst we will also work on a fee basis, we expect that commission is the best option financially for clients whilst fund values are relatively low. However, you can choose which option you prefer: fees, commission or a mix of both. IMS charges will always be fully disclosed to you (see also Selwyn’s Secondary Disclosure Statement) prior to engaging our services.

Our fee for a one off consultation is $175 plus GST.

What Does the Initial Meeting Cost?

If you are seeking the investment portfolio management service, the first 30 minutes with us is free. We understand the importance of this long-term relationship. This investment of our time allows for a risk-free way for both of us to determine if our services are right for you.

Good Reasons to Come to IMS

Engaging a personal financial adviser is a huge leap of faith. Who better to guide you than our existing clients? This is what clients have had to say about our services:
“We have known Selwyn Parker for over ten years. During this time, he has advised us on investment options and has set up a portfolio, which suits our circumstances for the future. As an adviser in whom we entrust our savings, it is very important that we are able to trust him to make the best decisions for us, knowing that his advice is reliable and based on a good knowledge of his industry. There have been enough examples of investors losing all their savings, to make us very cautious when choosing an adviser. 

Selwyn provides us with everything we need from a financial adviser. He has built a relationship with us, which sees us trust him implicitly. He is very professional in his dealings with us and his financial knowledge has allowed him to give us very sound holistic advice. I can thoroughly recommend Selwyn to any potential investor.”
-Nigel, IMS Client

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