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Comprehensive Advice on All Aspects of your Financial Life

Expert Financial Consultations in Tauranga


Retirement planning, education planning, mortgages, loans, investments and more.

What does consultations include?

This is a fee-based personal financial advice consultation. The session is a minimum of one hour (but can be longer if needed) and we will talk about whatever personal financial issues needed. This includes retirement planning, education planning, mortgages, loans, investments and more.

Where appropriate we will recommend specialist financial advice.

Who will benefit from one-off consultations?

Anyone of any age throughout New Zealand who needs advice for a specific financial issue. No matter your concern or issue, Selwyn at IMS can help you make smart and informed financial choices with your money.

Unlike our Portfolio investment advice, our “consultation” advice is verbal only. However written advice is available on prior request, and will incur a fee.

Highly Recommended Investment Services

Investment Management Solutions clients enjoy working alongside our professional team to further their personal goals.
“Selwyn’s holistic approach to investment ensures that all aspects of the client’s needs are taken into account when appraising their investment needs. This, coupled with extensive portfolio and financial climate reporting, means the client is always fully aware of the investment’s value and movement history.” 
—Hugh and Fiona S.
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Whether your financial concerns are large or small, IMS can help. Give us a call or use our contact form to make an appointment. We will be happy to assist you.

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