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M.R. B

“Selwyn Parker is and has been my financial adviser for the last 12 years. I have found Selwyn very professional in his approach and his advice is reliable and well-researched. I am completely satisfied with the way Selwyn has handled my portfolio and have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Nigel D

“Selwyn Parker has advised us on investment options and has set up a portfolio which suits our circumstances for the future. As he is an adviser in whom we entrust our savings, it is very important that we are able to trust him to make the best decisions for us, knowing that his advice is reliable and based on a good knowledge of his industry. 

Selwyn provides us with everything we need from a financial adviser. He has built a relationship with us, which allows us to trust him implicitly. He is very professional in his dealings with us and has been reliable in the advice we have received. His financial knowledge has allowed him to give us very sound holistic advice, which he communicates very clearly. His association with IMS allows him to interact closely with others in his industry which our view adds value to our relationship with him.

I can thoroughly recommend Selwyn to any potential investor.”

Cliff B

“We have a professional relationship with Selwyn Parker and Investment Management Solutions Ltd spanning many years. During this time we have referred our clients to Selwyn should they require financial planning or investment advice. Client feedback is that they appreciate the one-on-one service Selwyn provides and his professional approach to dealing with their affairs.

In all our dealings with Selwyn we have found him to be honest and trustworthy.”

Ross C

“Selwyn has proven to be diligent unbiased, enthusiastic and a good communicator. Whilst this is not a recommendation for any particular type of investment, or the investment industry a as whole, I would certainly recommend and seek Selwyn Parker’s advice again for any portfolio investing.”

Judith K

“I have known Selwyn for approximately two years — he has worked hard putting together a diversified portfolio for my family trust. My initial impression of Selwyn was that of someone who was a thoroughly good listener. At the initial interview he covered a huge amount of ‘ground’ to ascertain my financial situation and requirements going forward. I didn’t at any stage feel pressured and came away feeling confident that we would work well together in the current very challenging financial environment.

Selwyn is extremely good at forwarding current research into financial markets and opportunities. He has a thorough understanding of trends and has access to reliable information, which he consistently forwards onto me. Given the fact that the markets are so volatile, Selwyn has still managed to return a positive result for me. 

I do feel that Selwyn has set up my portfolio for my specific needs and situation. He has a very approachable manner and is always professional. I feel quite happy asking about anything I don’t understand.”

Robert K

“Keam Standen has had the satisfaction of working with Selwyn Parker of Investment Management Solutions Ltd for many years. Both firms service a considerable number of clients in common.
When we refer clients to Selwyn for investment advice, it is on the basis of the following three strengths:

1.His access to leading international market research consultants. Clients have the comfort of knowing that Selwyn is guided by teams of analysts who have a proven track record and are acknowledged worldwide.

2.Selwyn’s ability to deliver good returns for investors tailored to their risk profile. He would be the first to admit that he doesn’t always ‘get it right’; just as Warren Buffet doesn’t always ‘get it right’. Having said that, a large number of our clients are completely satisfied with Selwyn’s guidance and mix of investments.

3.His regular reporting and communication skills. Selwyn is always prompt with his reporting and happy to review mixes of investment with his clients. His explanations are clear and delivered in a pleasant affable manner. 

IMS is particularly useful when it comes to investment of residuary funds in life estate wills. To date, we are unaware of any clients who have expressed reservations about its handling of their affairs.
We are accordingly pleased to be able to continue to refer clients to Selwyn and to commend his services to others.”

R.L. R

For the last six years, my financial affairs have been under the direct supervision of Mr. Selwyn Parker, who has proved diligent and trustworthy in the performance of his duties and has displayed a comprehensive understanding of general investment principles as they apply to my personal affairs.

During this time Selwyn has also demonstrated a firm grasp of detail with a pleasing readiness to meet all the requirements of my personal situation. I can confidently recommend Selwyn Parker to anyone requiring personal or family trust financial management and/or advice.”

Hugh and Fiona S

Selwyn Parker has acted as our financial advisor for the past 11 years. During this time, we have grown to appreciate and trust his knowledgeable and professional advice on everything relating to our investment portfolio and financial matters.

Selwyn’s holistic approach to investment insures that all aspects of the client’s needs are taken into account when appraising their investment needs, and this coupled with extensive portfolio and financial climate reporting means the client is always fully aware of the investments value and movement history.

Fiona and I have found Selwyn to be a knowledgeable and trustworthy adviser, and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to potential investors.”

David and Beth L

“We have been very satisfied and have confidence in Selwyn’s insight and expertise. We have been able to rest in the evidence of his protection of our investments, especially through the current testing days that the world is experiencing.

From our perspective and observation, Selwyn is not just a professional, but he also has his finger on the financial investment pulse. This is because of much in-depth research enabling him to operate with insight and knowledge.

We have felt confidence because of Selwyn’s transparent nature and his regular and open reporting of development involving our investments. Communication is high on his agenda. Attributes of honesty, reliability and integrity are a part of Selwyn’s essential nature and character, and he gives his best to whatever he does.

We have no hesitation in standing with Selwyn and commending him as worth of trust and reliability.
We are also happy to be contacted by phone at the above number for any further questions or queries that may arise.”

John and Nanette B.

“After a disastrous experience with a large managed fund, in which we lost a large portion of our superannuation, we transferred all our investments into Selwyn’s hands. Selwyn has made our money grow during a time when other larger money management companies have not done so well.

Selwyn has given us a very professional service with plenty of consultation. We receive regular updates on the state of the market and advice on suitable investments. Selwyn has a friendly approach which, together with his knowledge and contacts, have made us much more confident about the security and growth of our investments.

Selwyn has helped us to invest wisely, with due regard to our circumstances. He offers a personal service to suit the client and carries out his objectives with integrity. We recommend him to you.”

K.E. S.

“I have known Selwyn Parker for the last four years, during which time he has been investment adviser to the Skelton Family Trust. I have enjoyed my association with him and appreciated greatly the advice both for and against the various investments made by the trust. He is always pleasant and I have been very satisfied with the investment advice he has given me.”

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